Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stupid Needles

So I've been really good about actually working on my knitting rather than sitting around waiting for it to grow (wouldn't that be cool?!).  Last week I finished a strip for Miss Ladybug's blanket; when I finished it, I was sitting on the couch and a set my needles down next to me.  Around the same time I also finished the purple socks and had also set my needles on the couch.  Well when it was time to start the next strip for Miss Ladybug's blanket guess what needles I picked up??  The smaller ones I had used for the purple socks.

In my defense I use knitpicks options needles and, as they are interchangeable, they all look exactly alike and the needles I'm using for Miss Ladybug's blanket are only one size bigger then those used for the purple socks.

So here's how it stands.  The two needles are only 1/2 mm different in size.  After measuring I find that is enough to increase my gauge (which I measure in two inches rather then four) by an entire stitch.  After doing the math I figure out that each square ends up 3 1/2 stitches smaller, which works out to be about 1/2 an inch, when knit with the smaller needles.

So at this point I have finished knitting two squares in the next strip with the smaller needles.  This little two-block piece is about 1/2 an inch skinnier and about 1 inch shorter then it would be if I had been using the lager needles.  I could (1)be a good little knitter and rip it all out and start the strip over, or (2)I could fudge it and start knitting the rest of the strip with the larger needles and leave it at that; trusting that when seaming the strips together I can make it work.

I like option 2.

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