Thursday, August 05, 2010


Today I've been thinking about who I may want to share my blog with and what websites I frequent that I want to link my blog to.

I've already linked to GoodReads and Craftster, but I'm debating on if I want to share the link to my blog with my Facebook friends.  You see, my last blog was a place where I would sometimes vent about certain relations (without attaching names of course).  It was good for me and making up names for them all based on what drove me crazy about them was quite therapeutic :oD

Granted I don't see much of that side of the family anymore since my parents divorced, but a few are on my list of Facebook friends and if I were to list my blog on my profile they may stumble upon it someday.

I very much believe in karma and that every person has the right to be treated with politeness and respect (unless of course they do not return the favor) and do not wish to offend anyone by them reading a less than flattering account of themselves.

I could always take them off my friends list.  Or I could just be careful to only write good things about any family encounters that may happen.  Or as I really don't see much of that side of the family I may not even have anything to write about!  Or I could take the advice of a friend and just not care what anyone thinks (of course I think he would counsel me to go one step further and go ahead and use their names instead of blog names just to piss them off)

Blech...crazy relatives.

But enough about that, I'm going to ask to borrow Mum's camera so I can take and post some pictures of stuff I'm knitting cause I want to share :o)  I think it will help me feel more inspired to actually work on what I've already got going rather than start something new because I will be able to look at my project and compare it to the picture and see just how far I've gotten!

This is what I've got on the needles at the moment (that I can think of off the top of my head):
  • Purple socks done two at a time
  • Pink socks done one at a time
  • An afghan - when finished this will me my biggest project to date and my first afghan
  • Lace dragon triangle shawl - I've been working on this for almost 4 keeps getting put into timeout

I've also got plans for the following items:
  • Matching socks for Myself, Hubby, and Miss Ladybug
  • A cabled cardigan for Miss Ladybug
  • Baby beanie style hat with a brim
  • 2 adult beanie hats w/Morse Code messages worked into them
  • A project bag - I'm going to use this to put a sock-in-progress in my purse to work on during odd moments during the day
  • 2 pairs of fingerless mittens/wrist warmers for siblings
  • A mystery baby related project - the baby's gender is not yet known hence the reason it's a mystery :o)

I need to find more time to work on my knitting...

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