Saturday, September 11, 2010

Itchy fingers

Lately I've taken to browsing knitting patterns on Ravelry.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, I've found a lot of cute stuff I'm dying to make.  However, I still have quite a few unfinished projects...


Meanwhile, still plugging away on Miss Ladybug's blanket.  As I only just posted a picture on Tuesday I don't have one for today, but I've made some progress;  The current strip is a whole square and a half bigger :o)  After I finish the current square only one more to go before I seam this strip to the others!  I can't wait to finish this blanket, it'll be my largest finished project to date.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


So here's my knitting after about 2 weeks

Baby Blanket - WIP3
If you've been keeping track you'll know it's a whole 2 blocks bigger than it was last time I posted a pic.  I find it very frustrating how slowly it's coming along.  However, that last block was the one that marks the halfway point (yay!) of the blocks.

Hoping I can get a bit of knitting done while Miss Ladybug is still asleep (taking a nap at the moment), although she's beginning to stir so maybe not...

Monday, September 06, 2010

Lame blogger that I am

So uh yeah it's been a whole week and I haven't posted a single word.  In my defense our little family has been sick.  Hubby got it first then Miss Ladybug and then Me.  Hubby is still coughing a bit but otherwise is pretty much back to normal.  Myself and Miss Ladybug both are still congested and runny nosed.  Miss Ladybug is slightly coughy but I get the prize for hacking queen.  I feel like I'm trying to expel my lungs sometimes :op

I really was going to post on Friday.  Really I was.  I even stayed up late on Thursday so I could get a tiny bit of knitting in as I hadn't knit so much as a stitch all week and wanted to have something to post.  However Friday morning dawned with my feeling sick and Miss Ladybug throwing up and it just didn't happen.

Still don't have any pictures to post but am working on that.  Later while Miss Ladybug's taking her afternoon nap (if it happens...she's currently taking a nap that is lasting a bit longer then it usually does) I'm going to finish knitting the square of her blanket I'm working on and take pictures.  Hopefully I'll have a chance/feel up to post them later tonight or tomorrow.

Something fun we did last night, Miss Ladybug had her first taste of rice cereal!  She didn't like the first bite but after a few more bites seemed to really like it!  Grammy was doing the actual feeding while I was holding her and she kept grabbing Grammy's hand like she wanted to be fed faster :o)  I'm looking forward to trying the rice cereal with her again this afternoon.

Speaking of Miss Ladybug, I think I can hear her waking up so that's all for now!