Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have access to PhotoBucket again!!  So here's what I was intending to post on friday....

I did it! I made progress on my knitting!

Behold!  Socks!

Purple Socks - finished
Originally I started these to take with me to the hospital when I had Miss Ladybug but obviously that didn't happen.

I also finished a strip of Miss Ladybug's blanket!

Baby Blanket - WIP2
Still need to finish seaming it to the others, but on to the next strip I go! :o)

I have come to a decision about this pair too...
Pink Sock
Pink Socks - frogged
...frogged!!  I really didn't like the toe and couldn't remember what pattern I was working off of anyways.  I'm going to start over after I get a few more projects out of the way.

So I had nine projects going and completely knocked off two...
9 - 2 = 7!
7 = yay! :oD

I love tangible progress

So yay for blogging!  Now I'm going to bed :o)


  1. I love the purple socks! and I love the photo of them, too :)

  2. omg next time I have to take a picture of my feet I'm having somebody else hold the camera! You should've seen me trying to get a good pic :op