Monday, August 23, 2010

Doctors Visit

Today Hubby and I took Miss Ladybug to a pediatric GI to figure out her spitting-up problem.  We ended up waiting for awhile as her Dr. had a patient that was taking longer then he thought it would, but Miss Ladybug was very good :o)

We sat and talked with the Dr. for about 20 minutes followed by him giving Miss Ladybug a physical exam from head to toe.  He then sent us to have x-rays of her stomach to make sure there's nothing abnormal internally.  We were lucky and they had an opening so we were able to get it done right then instead of having to schedule another appointment.

She was so good for the x-rays!  She actually fell asleep for most of the time :o)  The stuff they gave her to drink was cherry flavored and had sugar in it.  She LOVED it!  The nurse and Dr. doing the x-rays were surprised at how well behaved she was.

The Dr. felt that the problem is a combination of reflux and allergies (as she has had some improvement from me going off dairy).  Tomorrow she will be starting a medication for reflux (the pharmacy didn't have it in so we have to wait till tomorrow) and I'm still of dairy for now.  When Miss Ladybug's 6 months old I can add it back into my diet and we'll see what happens.

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