Thursday, September 08, 2011

Not knitting

Yesterday I had intended to get so much done.  I was going to:

  • Finish writing my paper for English
  • Catch up on dishes
  • Work on organizing the living room and the kitchen
  • Finalize plans for my jewelry open house party
  • Draw up an outline for a family Halloween party
  • Look up ideas for mine and Miss Ladybug's Halloween costumes
  • Go shopping for a booster seat for Miss Ladybug
  • Blog about what's currently on my needles

Guess what I actually did?
  • Take Miss Ladybug to the emergency room

Yeah it was a fun day.

It started when Miss Ladybug and I went for our morning walk.  I forgot to let the dog outside and he amused himself while we were gone by chewing up a bottle of prescription medication.  Apparently he didn't want the contents, just the bottle.  When we got home I picked up the bottle and cap (had I seen any pills I would've swept them up as well) and went into the kitchen to dispose of it.  Miss Ladybug was out of my sight for about 5 seconds, and I heard gagging/choking noises.  Upon swiping her mouth out I got a piece of "something small and white" but the light bulb didn't go off yet, then I found another pill.  After calling poison control I took Miss Ladybug to the ER so they could monitor her heart rate and be on hand in case she had any other problems.

Well after being examined by the doctor and nurse they said we could give her juice, which she promptly threw up (their words, not mine.  I would've classified it as spit up).  Since the juice did come back up, and there was a pill fragment in the contents from her stomach, they decided to keep us longer than the original 1 hour estimation.  We arrived at the ER around 9:30 and were not allowed to leave until a little after 2!  Miss Ladybug did not like having the heart monitoring device attached to her toe and she did not like that having it attached meant she was not allowed to run around.  I had also dashed out the door with her without checking that we had enough toys to keep her entertained so it was a very restless 5 hours, although after a friend brought Hubby to the hospital she did enjoy playing "where's Papa" and having him jump out from behind the curtains.  Miss Ladybug also missed her nap and lunch and was very grumpy by the time we were allowed to leave.

After finally being discharged we headed straight for the hospital's cafeteria and had a late lunch.  When we got into the car Miss Ladybug fell asleep before we even made it out of the parking lot.  It had been quite an adventurous day after all.

Other than that little bit of throwing up she's been perfectly fine.  A little grumpy, but that happens when her regular routine is interrupted; she likes things to be predictable and consistent just like any other toddler.

So that was my day, I'm now still trying to catch up and will be posting a knitting update soon, I need to take pictures but want to finish a seam before a particular piece has it's photo shoot.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I'm back! (again)

It's been almost an entire year since my last post, time sure flies.  I don't have any particular reason why I haven't posted in so long, just life keeping me busy.

Miss Ladybug is a year old now, spends every waking moment running and exploring, and climbs everything!  At the top of the stairs leading to the basement, there is a gate to keep Miss Ladybug from falling down the stairs.  Yesterday she figured how to unlatch it!  We're now working on climbing down the stairs safely!!

Once again I'm going to try to post more often, Miss Ladybug and I have finally developed a predictable routine so I should be able to manage it, what mostly keeps me from posting is pictures.  For some reason it seems like a lot of work to take, upload, and edit them...still trying though.

I'm back in school!  I want to major in nutrition but the community college does not have a program for nutrition so I'm getting my generals out of the way.  This semester my hardest class is English; I've always disliked English class and am trying to find writing that I enjoy (like blogging) so I'm writing more and getting more practice.  I'm hoping this will help me when writing papers.

My next post will be an update of what I've got on my needles and in my craft basket!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Itchy fingers

Lately I've taken to browsing knitting patterns on Ravelry.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, I've found a lot of cute stuff I'm dying to make.  However, I still have quite a few unfinished projects...


Meanwhile, still plugging away on Miss Ladybug's blanket.  As I only just posted a picture on Tuesday I don't have one for today, but I've made some progress;  The current strip is a whole square and a half bigger :o)  After I finish the current square only one more to go before I seam this strip to the others!  I can't wait to finish this blanket, it'll be my largest finished project to date.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


So here's my knitting after about 2 weeks

Baby Blanket - WIP3
If you've been keeping track you'll know it's a whole 2 blocks bigger than it was last time I posted a pic.  I find it very frustrating how slowly it's coming along.  However, that last block was the one that marks the halfway point (yay!) of the blocks.

Hoping I can get a bit of knitting done while Miss Ladybug is still asleep (taking a nap at the moment), although she's beginning to stir so maybe not...

Monday, September 06, 2010

Lame blogger that I am

So uh yeah it's been a whole week and I haven't posted a single word.  In my defense our little family has been sick.  Hubby got it first then Miss Ladybug and then Me.  Hubby is still coughing a bit but otherwise is pretty much back to normal.  Myself and Miss Ladybug both are still congested and runny nosed.  Miss Ladybug is slightly coughy but I get the prize for hacking queen.  I feel like I'm trying to expel my lungs sometimes :op

I really was going to post on Friday.  Really I was.  I even stayed up late on Thursday so I could get a tiny bit of knitting in as I hadn't knit so much as a stitch all week and wanted to have something to post.  However Friday morning dawned with my feeling sick and Miss Ladybug throwing up and it just didn't happen.

Still don't have any pictures to post but am working on that.  Later while Miss Ladybug's taking her afternoon nap (if it happens...she's currently taking a nap that is lasting a bit longer then it usually does) I'm going to finish knitting the square of her blanket I'm working on and take pictures.  Hopefully I'll have a chance/feel up to post them later tonight or tomorrow.

Something fun we did last night, Miss Ladybug had her first taste of rice cereal!  She didn't like the first bite but after a few more bites seemed to really like it!  Grammy was doing the actual feeding while I was holding her and she kept grabbing Grammy's hand like she wanted to be fed faster :o)  I'm looking forward to trying the rice cereal with her again this afternoon.

Speaking of Miss Ladybug, I think I can hear her waking up so that's all for now!

Monday, August 30, 2010


As I haven't found time to blog as regularly as I'd like to, we're just going to do one big update :o)

Knitting - Almost added a square to Miss Ladybug's blanket, but more importantly managed not to start a new project (it was a close thing, I had actually given in and if the store I was at had the materials I needed I would have a new project going right now).  I have also started to feel slightly panicky about the prospect of trying to finish so many projects before starting baby-related projects for my 2 expecting friends.  I'm knitting at such a depressingly slow rate I'll be lucky if I'm allowed to start said baby-related projects before the children are in kindergarten!  I've decided to compromise;  If I can get all the projects, for which the knitting part is completed, finished (with the exception of blocking) then I'll be allowed to start ONE new project.  The reason I'm excluding the blocking part of finishing for this compromise is I don't really have a good place to block my knitting at the moment.

Miss Ladybug - As I'm typing this I realize I forgot to give Miss Ladybug today's 2nd dose of medicine and she's asleep :o/  She really does not like it and makes the funniest faces when I give it to her!  Makes me feel so bad for thinking her reaction is cute.  However it does seem to be helping a bit.  Not much yet, but I'm hoping that the longer she's on it the better it'll get....we'll see :o)

Trip - Miss Ladybug, Mum, two of my siblings, and of course yours truly, all went for an overnight camping (in cabins) reunion this weekend.  It was the first time I had gone anywhere with Miss Ladybug for more than a few hours.  I was amazed at how much baggage is required for such a little person!  It was the reunion for my Grandmother's side of the family so it was way extended familyness.  Not many people I knew but we had a nice time and my little sis and bro seemed to enjoy themselves.

Book - Today I started reading a book I got at a library sale awhile ago.  It's called 'Candyfreak' by: Steve Almond.  It's soo good!  I'm nearly finished with it, I can't put it down!  The author talks about his relationship with candy and it makes me laugh out loud because so many times he is totally describing me!  He also goes on a trip to tour the factories of a few regional brand candy bars; one of the factories he visits is where the 'Idaho Spud' is made (at least I think that's what it's called....can't remember for sure off the top of my head).  I now have the urge to try this candy bar.  I've seen it around a few places but never really felt compelled to try it.  Not sure I can have it right now as dairy is still a no-no for me but as soon as I can I'm going to give it a try :o)

No pictures right now because it's very late and I haven't taken any in preparation for this post.  I'll try to post some in the morning (aka, later today) but no promises.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Doctors Visit

Today Hubby and I took Miss Ladybug to a pediatric GI to figure out her spitting-up problem.  We ended up waiting for awhile as her Dr. had a patient that was taking longer then he thought it would, but Miss Ladybug was very good :o)

We sat and talked with the Dr. for about 20 minutes followed by him giving Miss Ladybug a physical exam from head to toe.  He then sent us to have x-rays of her stomach to make sure there's nothing abnormal internally.  We were lucky and they had an opening so we were able to get it done right then instead of having to schedule another appointment.

She was so good for the x-rays!  She actually fell asleep for most of the time :o)  The stuff they gave her to drink was cherry flavored and had sugar in it.  She LOVED it!  The nurse and Dr. doing the x-rays were surprised at how well behaved she was.

The Dr. felt that the problem is a combination of reflux and allergies (as she has had some improvement from me going off dairy).  Tomorrow she will be starting a medication for reflux (the pharmacy didn't have it in so we have to wait till tomorrow) and I'm still of dairy for now.  When Miss Ladybug's 6 months old I can add it back into my diet and we'll see what happens.