Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Blog!!

I used to blog quite a bit and I find that I miss it.  There is just something about forming my thoughts and feelings into words that I find very soothing.   It helps me make sense of the world and find order in the chaos of everyday life.

My last blog was mostly about various craft projects I was working on.  There will most definitely be some of that here as the need to create is hardwired into me :o)  I’ll be using this space to document my journey through the wonderful world of motherhood, and my adventures with my daughter (for anonymous internet purposes, we’ll refer to her as Miss Ladybug) and my husband (no cute names for him; we'll just call him Hubby).   There will be ranting and raving about various topics that I will try to balance out with posts in which I sing the praises about one thing or another.  I’m also an avid reader so at some point you will be drawn into whatever book has caught my attention for the moment.  I’ll share recipes that worked and, as soon as I get my camera into working order, I’m sure there will be lots of pictures.

In short, I hope to fill this little corner with my life.