Thursday, September 08, 2011

Not knitting

Yesterday I had intended to get so much done.  I was going to:

  • Finish writing my paper for English
  • Catch up on dishes
  • Work on organizing the living room and the kitchen
  • Finalize plans for my jewelry open house party
  • Draw up an outline for a family Halloween party
  • Look up ideas for mine and Miss Ladybug's Halloween costumes
  • Go shopping for a booster seat for Miss Ladybug
  • Blog about what's currently on my needles

Guess what I actually did?
  • Take Miss Ladybug to the emergency room

Yeah it was a fun day.

It started when Miss Ladybug and I went for our morning walk.  I forgot to let the dog outside and he amused himself while we were gone by chewing up a bottle of prescription medication.  Apparently he didn't want the contents, just the bottle.  When we got home I picked up the bottle and cap (had I seen any pills I would've swept them up as well) and went into the kitchen to dispose of it.  Miss Ladybug was out of my sight for about 5 seconds, and I heard gagging/choking noises.  Upon swiping her mouth out I got a piece of "something small and white" but the light bulb didn't go off yet, then I found another pill.  After calling poison control I took Miss Ladybug to the ER so they could monitor her heart rate and be on hand in case she had any other problems.

Well after being examined by the doctor and nurse they said we could give her juice, which she promptly threw up (their words, not mine.  I would've classified it as spit up).  Since the juice did come back up, and there was a pill fragment in the contents from her stomach, they decided to keep us longer than the original 1 hour estimation.  We arrived at the ER around 9:30 and were not allowed to leave until a little after 2!  Miss Ladybug did not like having the heart monitoring device attached to her toe and she did not like that having it attached meant she was not allowed to run around.  I had also dashed out the door with her without checking that we had enough toys to keep her entertained so it was a very restless 5 hours, although after a friend brought Hubby to the hospital she did enjoy playing "where's Papa" and having him jump out from behind the curtains.  Miss Ladybug also missed her nap and lunch and was very grumpy by the time we were allowed to leave.

After finally being discharged we headed straight for the hospital's cafeteria and had a late lunch.  When we got into the car Miss Ladybug fell asleep before we even made it out of the parking lot.  It had been quite an adventurous day after all.

Other than that little bit of throwing up she's been perfectly fine.  A little grumpy, but that happens when her regular routine is interrupted; she likes things to be predictable and consistent just like any other toddler.

So that was my day, I'm now still trying to catch up and will be posting a knitting update soon, I need to take pictures but want to finish a seam before a particular piece has it's photo shoot.

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